Dispatch is the creative and commercial arm of Politics.co.uk.

Inaugurated at the start of 2024 – this most politically charged of years – Dispatch delivers creative campaigns for organisations working in policy and public affairs.

We believe that the policy sector is underserved by specialist creatives who understand politics and policy.

We believe in:

  • Delivering tailored, niche solutions for the policy sector
  • Taking the best ideas from the marketing industry as a whole and adapting them to our sector

We like new, novel and innovative solutions.

But most of all we believe in making an impact.

Which is why we deliver end-to-end concepts to audience delivery solutions, with amplification through Politics.co.uk a core part of what we do.

Our work covers:

  • Report & campaign videos
  • Innovative geo-targeted video
  • Manifesto SHORTS for social media
  • Advertising solutions through Politics.co.uk

Our team has a wealth of experience in and around politics and in creative production. Political campaigns are unique and sensitive subjects, and it’s therefore important to utilise a company with the right experience for scripting, storyboarding and creating graphics.

Dispatch was set up by Nathan Coyne, the publisher of Politics.co.uk and founder of video production company Senate Media.

It is led by Audrey Carvin who has worked for Senate Media across UK and EU policy accounts since 2017.