The next general election could witness the highest number of new MPs since WWII. Such big changes means it’s prudent to start getting on the radar of PPCs early on to build relationships.

With a geo-targeted video, you’ll immediately grab the attention of a PPC or incumbent MP because:

  • The video will stand out as different. It’s specific to their area so will grab their attention and focus.
  • Once you have their attention, using locally based data and information will prepare the ground for your conversation
  • They will understand the importance of your work in the context of their constituency and constituents/voters

It doesn’t only work for MPs and candidates. If you use a video specific to a local area, you can similarly get the attention of local people. For instance, you can mobilise their support and ask them to write to their local candidates/representatives.

A clear and simple animation allows for less time spent explaining your data in a written document; instead you can simply target local political stakeholders and have them face data that’s relevant to them via a clear medium. A short 1-minute animation is the ideal tool to share data and complex information easily, whilst grabbing the attention of the viewers.

Our animations will be bespoke to your organisation needs and visual style, whilst bringing your data to life in a way that empowers effective advocacy.